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Get to know Delaware

Delaware is located along the eastern seaboard, with beaches along the Delaware Bay and Atlantic Ocean. To the north it is bordered by Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and to the west by Maryland. The second smallest state in the U.S. after Rhode Island, Delaware is just a two hour drive from Washington D.C., Philadelphia and Baltimore. The landscape is flat, with small historic towns and fishing ports along the seashore.

Delaware is a popular summer vacation spot and its industries include banking, chemistry, agriculture, fishing and tourism. Shellfish such as crabs and clams are harvested here. Delaware’s largest city is Wilmington, with roughly 70,000 inhabitants. Although it is the second smallest state in the nation, it is densely populated in the urban areas.

State capital: Dover

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More about Delaware

Since many EF Foundation students in Delaware live in small towns, it is very important to participate in school and community activities. Sports and special interest clubs are very popular among teenagers, and a terrific way to meet people and make new friends.

EF Foundation students in Delaware enjoy the many cultural activities of the state, such as its historic Revolutionary and Civil War battlefields, museums, restaurants, shopping centers and proximity to the nation’s capital. In the summer students take advantage of Delaware’s seashore and head to the warm sandy beaches. In the winter, the state is a short drive to the ski slopes of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Your stay in Delaware will be the perfect way to learn about the American people and culture.

Rehoboth Beach is a resort destination for many politicians in Washington D.C. The beach, restaurants and shops make for a terrific summer vacation.

Delaware’s places of worship are among its most interesting and historic attractions.

John Dickinson was an American Quaker patriot, a writer and governor of Delaware. He is famous for freeing his slaves and his boyhood home is now the John Dickinson Mansion.

The state’s oldest settlement, Lewes, is a historic seaport. It is the site of many picturesque buildings and homes as well as the Zwaanendael Museum.

If you have an artistic flair, you should visit the Delaware Arts Museum, in Wilmington, to view America’s largest pre-Raphaelite collection.

Delaware’s climate is fairly moderate. Summer is hot and humid, with temperatures ranging from 20ºC well into the 30’s. Winter is cold (-5º C to 7º C); and spring and autumn are mild, with temperatures generally no cooler than 5º C and not quite 20º C as an average high.

  • Caesar Rodney - U.S. General and politician during the American Revolution
  • Thomas De La Warr - English colonist who gave his name to the state
  • Thomas McKean - Signer of Declaration of Independence, delegate to Continental Congress