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Get to know Louisiana

Located on the Gulf Coast, between Mississippi and Texas, Louisiana is in the heart of the deep South. Most of the landscape is flat and wet with marshes along the Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico. The subtropical climate allows for a great variety of plants and animal species, and some of the best shrimp and crawfish are found here.

State capital: Baton Rouge

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More about Louisiana

One of the first things you will notice about Louisiana (besides the heat) is the slow, soothing Southern drawl of the people who live there. After a time, you may start referring to others as “y’all!” You will also see some of the most beautiful homes in America—the Georgian style mansions. The sweet rhythms of jazz, blues and rock-n-roll, were all born in Louisiana. Another outstanding feature of Louisiana is the food. Your host family will probably eat a lot of seafood, and flavour it with hot Cajun spices. A few of the dishes may seem a bit strange. As one student observed, “Down here they eat everything that moves!” Fried alligator, frogs legs, turtle and catfish are just some of the unique foods that you may encounter. Don’t be shy, they’re really delicious!

Most people live in small towns throughout the countryside, often with great distances between them. Since public transportation is not readily available, many students participate in their school activities such as sports and clubs to meet new people and make friends. Football is the most popular sport, and the games are very big events. Many host families do make trips to the larger cities of Baton Rouge and New Orleans, which resembles a European city, with cobblestone streets, uniquely constructed buildings and quaint shops. EF students are usually overwhelmed by how friendly the people of Louisiana are. They are interested in learning more about your culture and will openly share their own. One student commented that Louisiana’s residents are like “one big family smiling to each other.”

Acadiana is known for the Cajun and their unique food, music and dialect.

In Houma, swamp tours are available through the murky depths of Louisiana’s bayous. Be on the lookout for alligator – their entire body can jump out of the water!

Natchitoches is the oldest town in the Louisiana Territory.

New Orleans, famous for its Old World charm, is also called The Crescent City, the Big Easy, America’s Most European City and America’s Most Interesting City.

The New Orleans tradition of Mardi Gras is famous for its incredible parades, lively street dancing, outlandish costuming and festive parties.

Louisiana’s climate is subtropical, with winter temperatures generally no lower than 40ºF (4ºC). The weather warms up in the spring and fall, but it is the summer that brings the scorching heat and humidity. Average temperatures range from the mid 70s (20ºC) to the upper 90s (32ºC). Bring light clothes, like shorts and T-shirts, but also a sweater and jacket for the winter months.

  • Louis Armstrong - Famous 20th century jazz and blues artist
  • Britney Spears, American popstar, was raised in Kentwood, Louisiana
  • Jerry Lee Louis – American rock and country music singer and pianist
  • Ellen DeGeneres – American stand-up comedienne and TV hostess
  • Reese Witherspoon – American actress born in New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Randy Jackson – American artist, record producer and music manager, known from the TV show American Idol.