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Get to know Montana

Montana is a northwest mountain state, with the northern tip of the U.S. Rockies rising up to the west out of the gently rolling northern Great Plains. The state is called Big Sky, and the bright blue covering hangs over Montana’s snowcapped peaks, meadowland valleys and white water rivers like a protective blanket. Yellowstone National Park, with its fantastic geological features such as the geyser, Old Faithful, and its array of wildlife, is located in southern Montana. At one point in Montana’s history, herds of buffalo roamed the open landscape, and Native American Indians lived a nomadic existence. However with the coming of white settlement, the buffalo and the Native Americans were almost decimated.

Today Montana’s economy is based primarily on agriculture, timber, mining, tourism and energy. Montana is one of the nation’s largest suppliers of coal, petroleum and natural gas.

State Capital: Helena

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Since Montana has a largely unspoiled landscape, natural lifestyles are preferred. Many people work the land, farming, raising cattle and horses. It is common to hunt for elk and deer and camp out in the Rocky Mountains. Most host families in Montana live in small communities some distance from the larger cities, such as Helena and Butte, and public transportation is not readily available. For that reason, it is important to participate in school activities, to meet new people and make friends. Students are very involved in school life, from academics to extracurricular activities. Sport, club and church events are popular to participate in and attend. Students also delight in the outdoor activities such a place has to offer. From skiing to snowboarding, boating, fishing and horseback riding, you can experience Montana’s awe inspiring landscape firsthand.

Most host families in Montana are nature-lovers and will be excited to show you all that their beautiful state has to offer. One EF Foundation student described Montana’s residents as “Open and friendly; they are always ready to help you!"

Take the Beartooth Highway from the frontier town of Red Lodge to Yellowstone National Park. The route offers spectacular mountain views.

Big Sky is Montana’s premier ski resort and Billings is its largest city. Billings is surrounded by sandstone cliffs called “Rimrocks.”

Fort Peck Dam, near Glasgow, is one of the world’s largest dams. It forms Fort Peck Lake, which is popular for boating, fishing, camping and sightseeing. 

In northwestern Montana lies the majestic Glacier National Park. More than 50 glaciers cling to the mountain slopes in this region.

Montana’s capital, Helena, has many historical points of interest. Attractions include the State Capitol building, St. Helena’s Cathedral and the original governor’s mansion.

Miles City is an original cowboy town and each year hosts one of the biggest gatherings in Montana. Rodeo shows and other western attractions take place and draw cowboys from all across the state.

Dinosaur bones can be found at the Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman.

Scenic areas in Montana include the alpine lakes, wildflowers and glaciers of the Northwest Peaks, the 15,700 acres of the Ten Lakes near Canada and Ross Creek Scenic Area.

A herd of 300-500 bison are on the National Bison Range near Missoula. 

Yellowstone National Park is one of America’s largest environmentally protected attractions. Three of its entrances lie in Montana.

In Montana winters are cold with low humidity. Temperatures average well below freezing and there is plenty of snowfall. The spring and fall are more moderate, and the summer is pleasantly warm. Temperatures at this time often reach up into the 80s (26ºC). EF Foundation students recommend bringing plenty of layered clothing for the winters!

  • Gary Cooper - Hollywood film star of the 1950s and 60s
  • Jeannette Rankin - First woman elected to U.S. Congress
  • David Lynch, filmmaker
  • Michelle Williams – actress born in Kalispell, MT, known from Dawson’s Creek and the movie Brokeback Mountain.