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Compassionate and Courageous Leadership during times of uncertainty

We live in a world of crisis. Whether it is because of the coronavirus outbreak, political elections, or an economic downturn, societies are becoming fractured and people are increasingly anxious and isolated. This applies to our workplaces too, which have become transactional and de-humanized. People are so preoccupied with their own tasks and ‘to do’ lists that they are no longer capable to care for themselves or others.

However, when we take time to connect and have the courage to disclose our struggles to our colleagues, our work relationships profoundly deepen, teams become more efficient, and organizations are better for it. Compassion and courage are values that are often overlooked at work but are actually crucial to a business’s success, particularly in times of crisis.

In this 45-minute session, Dr Amy Bradley explores how to lead with compassion and courage in times of uncertainty and how to build a more “human” workplace, with individual well-being and engagement at the center, in order to develop a more inclusive and sustainable organization.



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