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Driving the A-Team: Sustaining high performance during change

How do you keep your team focused on the prize when they find themselves surrounded by uncontrollable change?

Whether you are facing something like the coronavirus, an industry crisis, or financial or political instability you want your team to stay motivated and focused.

Change has a way of derailing the attention of even the most focused and committed team members, thereby impacting their performance and the long-term success of the team. It is in times of unrest that leaders need to actively find ways of continuing to motivate and focus their teams. Cycling is a beautiful sport, but there have been challenging times when teams have failed to adapt to changing environments and focused too much on the result, which has led to catastrophic ends. In both professional cycling and the business world, if you want your team to continue to win regardless of the changes around them, you must find ways to elevate the “how” over any desired result.

Watch this 45-minute session with Mary Wittenberg, President of EF Education First Pro Cycling as she explores lessons from leading a cycling team and how you can help your team stay focused and thrive during times of change


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