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Moving to virtual learning: Unlocking the power of online training

Is your talent missing out on learning opportunities?

Today’s Human Resources and Training Managers are looking for flexible, relevant, and effective learning methods for employees who are constantly connected and, on the move.

Online training has seen rapid growth in the past years, now accounting for about one-third of corporate training programs and having the potential to be far more powerful than any other training method.

Indeed, it’s believed that online learning has the power to revolutionize learning and knowledge management, reducing time-intensive administrative tasks and providing cost-effective training for large numbers of employees. International organizations are increasingly choosing online learning and maximizing the use of technology to ensure that their global workforce stays motivated, and can access new knowledge in today’s turbulent environments.

In this 45-minute session with our expert speaker Ilze Lansdell-Zandvoort, Academic Director for the Ashridge master’s in management program at Hult Ashridge Executive Education to explore the power of online training, recommendations to maximize the use of technology in development programs and key strategies for moving from face-to-face to virtual learning.


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