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Speaking truth to power: The key to organizational survival

Can maintaining open channels of communication and upward-feedback be instrumental in surviving turbulent times in business?

In this rapidly evolving world where change is constant, we want to hold on to our talent regardless of the challenges we face. We want them to speak up and voice their thoughts, ideas, and concerns.

However, research has already shown that people in senior positions of their organizations consistently overestimate how approachable they are and how easy it is for people to speak to them with complete candor. Often these same well-meaning leaders assume that ticking boxes by saying “my door is always open” results in employees openly and willingly sharing. Uncertainty and change only exacerbate the perceived power leaders hold and the magnitude of the disadvantages someone might experience as a result of speaking up.

Watch this 45-minute live session with Megan Reitz, Professor of Leadership and Dialogue at Hult Ashridge Executive Education to explore the value of speaking truth to power when our organizations are facing difficult times, what can be done to facilitate and improve our employees’ ability to speak up and what traps we can fall into during this process.


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