Spunti per la formazione linguistica delle aziende

Stepping up your game: Strategic Sourcing of Professional Services

Procurement teams in global organizations are looking for ways in which they can consolidate the purchasing power of the organization, find value in the marketplace and align purchasing strategies to business goals.

EF Webinar series welcomes, Nicola Bruni, Professional Services Global Director at Capgemini, who will explore the benefits of setting up global agreements, share best practices for Procurement, HR and L&D professionals into purchasing professional services along with insights into how Capgemini reduced the overall spend by 25%, training x5 more employees. 

Watch this 30-minute webinar to explore:

  • Case study from EF & Capgemini: Adopting a language training program at a global scale
  • Benefits of setting up global contracts
  • Key metrics to measure the success of your training investment
  • Insights into negotiating a killer contract
  • Best practices for HR and L&D professionals into purchasing a training service


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