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Survive & Thrive: Building team resilience and managing dynamic unpredictable challenges

In a world filled with unpredictable change, how easy is it for your workforce to get back on their feet?

To survive and thrive in a fast-changing world, employees must be equipped with the right skills to future-proof their business: creativity, flexibility, leadership, and resilience to name a few.

Some people deal better than others with change and stressful situations due to being more resilient.

Building resilient teams is critical to ensure that your organization performs at peak during times of change and uncertainty. With improved resilience comes less stress and consequently, better performance. So how can you support your employees to build resilience? What needs to be developed to ensure your organization is able to survive and thrive during times of crisis?

Watch this 45-minute live session with Trudi West, Leadership Faculty at Hult Ashridge Executive Education to explore key recommendations for building team resilience and leading the way in today’s unpredictable environments.


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