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Tatarstan President Spoke at Kazan’s premier EF English First school

A new stage of a large-scale educational program ‘English for Tatarstan’ will provide citizens with the most innovative language learning methodology

Kazan, Russia, May 24, 2012 -  EF English First, the worldwide leader in education, today opened its first international education center in Kazan. The opening ceremony was attended by RT President Rustam Minnihanov, RT Minister of Education Albert Gilmutdinov, Kazan City Mayor Ilsur Metshin.

EF English First innovative school has opened its doors at 44/8 Baumana street. The international educational center includes auditoriums for lectures and seminars, semi-individual classes, space for interactive social Life Club events, as well as iLab for individual online-school studies. The school also became home for EF Education sales office.

The attention of the President to EF English First opening is connected with Tatarstan’s strategy to raise English proficiency level and create multilingual environment by breaking down the language barriers. EF’s educational programs in Tatarstan give the population access to the most modern and innovative language programs, create friendly environment for language learning and raise interest to international collaboration. ‘English for Tatarstan’ is among the largest joint projects of EF and RT.

The RT President said at the opening ceremony that EF English First is a reliable strategic partner for Tatarstan. ‘EF English First  trains our teachers and officials, he said. If teachers have excellent level of English, then their students will. As for the officials, they must speak English in the modern world. I think that every leader must speak an international language. We all have to study English. It is absolutely necessary’.

EF English First in Kazan offers its adult students a learning format, known as the most effective and innovative around the world. It perfectly suits everyone who aims to achieve faster results with higher quality. The program is organized in such a way, where student receives unlimited access to the materials and online resources whenever personal schedule allows. At the same time, students can sign up for lectures, seminars, semi-individual classes and social Life Club activities.

All classes are equipped with modern multimedia and interactive boards. Adults and professionals study English with EF using a unique Efekta™ System. Students at EF English First international educational center in Kazan also use this system.

In 2011, EF English First gave a promise to strengthen its presence in Tatarstan. The company announced its plans to open an office and EF English First school in Tatarstan, and offered its international sports events preparation experience to teach English to Universiade Kazan 2013 employees and volunteers.

Minister of Education Albert Gilmutdinov: «Since we chose EF English First, a globally recognized leader in education, a number of successful learning programs were introduced. All English teachers in Tatarstan, followed by other subjects teachers, have already taken learning program with EF. With the new learning center opening in Kazan, people will get direct access to the most modern methods of English learning and an opportunity to progress in foreign language proficiency».

COO of EF English First in Russia Kent Jonsson: «Today Kazan joined the largest international educational network: 400 schools and centers in 60 countries. EF English First offers a comprehensive strategic approach to raising English proficiency level. We are proud of the partnership with RT and hope that Tatarstan’s progressive experience will set an example to other regions in Russia».

With the new school opening in Kazan, EF’s network in Russia now includes 35 schools. EF’s mission is to break down language, cultural and geographic barriers. This is why the company continues to open schools in Russia, implement large educational programs and helps Tatarstan to prepare for important international sports events, such as Universiade Kazan 2013.

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